Alexandros Labrinidis     (Αλέξανδρος Λαμπρινίδης)
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
Co-Director, Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Paper spotlight

Big Data and Its Technical Challenges, in Communications of the ACM, July 2014 (over 9,500 downloads from ACM DL). Companion web site at

Research Interests

Big data, user-centric data management, scientific data management, data stream management systems, data-intensive computing, collaborative systems, quality of data/quality of service, the deep Web.

Research Projects


Fall 2015
On Sabbatical @ Carnegie Mellon (Office: GHC 8125)
Co-teaching @ Pitt: CS 3551 - Advanced Topics in Distributed Information Systems NEW
Spring 2015
CS 1699 - Fundamentals of Data Science

Recent News

October 24, 2015:
I am the Tutorials Chair for the 2016 ACM SIGMOD Conference. #service

September 1, 2015:
I joined the Editorial Board of the VLDB Journal, as an Associate Editor.#service

August 31, 2015:
I am now a member of the Senate Council of the University of Pittsburgh. #service

August 31, 2015:
New paper: Processing of Aggregate Continuous Queries in a Distributed Environment by Anatoli U. Shein, Panos K. Chrysanthis, and Alexandros Labrinidis, presented at BIRTE 2015, held in conjunction with VLDB 2015. #papers

August 24, 2015:
I am staring my visit at Carnegie Mellon University as part of my sabbatical leave, hosted by Christos Faloutsos. My office is GHC 8125.#news

August 14, 2015:
New paper: Stream Query Processing on Emerging Memory Architectures by Mafrica, Johnson, Bock, Pham, Childers, Chrysanthis, and Labrinidis, presented at NVMSA 2015. #papers

August 4, 2015:
New paper: F1: Accelerating the optimization of Aggregate Continuous Queries by Anatoli U. Shein, Panos K. Chrysanthis, and Alexandros Labrinidis, to be presented at CIKM 2015. #papers

July 31, 2015:
Participating in the round-table discussion on the Beckman Database Research Self-Assessment Meeting in the 13th Hellenic Data Management Symposium (HDMS 2015). #panels

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