Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read BEFORE contacting me)

Q1: Can I join your research group?
If you are a graduate/undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh (or at Carnegie Mellon University) and interested in data management, please contact me to discuss this further. We are always looking for smart and talented students to join the ADMT Lab!

A1b: If you are not a Computer Science student (at the University of Pittsburgh or at Carnegie Mellon University) you must first become one! For graduate students, this means going through the admission process. I have no control over Graduate Admissions; they are handled by a Committee. After the admissions decisions (in Spring), I would be happy to discuss more with you about joining the ADMT Lab.

Q2: Can I visit your research group?
If you are a graduate student in a University abroad and you will be funded to visit our group and work under my supervision for a brief period of time, please have your advisor contact me first to discuss the possibility. I will not accept any such requests otherwise.

Q3: Do you give out summer internships?
A3: Depending on research funding, our group typically involves undergraduate students from the Computer Science Department as research assistants throughout the year. However, you have to be a University of Pittsburgh student already. We cannot give out internships to non-University of Pittsburgh students.

Q4: Do you have any staff/postdoc/visiting scholar positions?
A4: Not at this point.

Q5: Can we be friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc?
A5: Although you are welcome to follow my profile, I only establish such connections for people whom I know in person.