Alexandros Labrinidis     (Αλέξανδρος Λαμπρινίδης)
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
Co-Director, Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Paper spotlight

Avoiding class warfare: managing continuous queries with differentiated classes of service by Thao Pham, Panos K. Chrysanthis, and Alexandros Labrinidis. Published in the VLDB Journal, 25(2):197-221, April 2016.

Research Interests

Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), the Physical Web, user-centric data management, data stream management systems, data-intensive computing, collaborative systems, scientific data management, quality of data/quality of service, the deep Web.

Research Projects


Fall 2016
CS 1656 - Introduction to Data Science New
Spring 2015
On family leave

Fall 2015
On sabbatical @ Carnegie Mellon (Office: GHC 8125)
Co-teaching @ Pitt: CS 3551 - Advanced Topics in Distributed Information Systems

Recent News

Sep 30, 2016:
Cory Thoma successfully defended his PhD proposal (Towards Scalable, Cloud-Based, Confidential Data Stream Processing). #students

Sep 23, 2016:
My Data Witchcraft course can now satisfy the Quantitative and Formal Reasoning General Education requirement for Arts & Sciences.#teaching

Sep 1, 2016:
New NSF Award: Appraisal of Subgrid Scale Closures in Reacting Turbulence via DNS Big Data. With Peyman Givi (PI), Panos Chrysanthis, and Bill Layton.#research

Aug 4, 2016:
Angen Zheng successfully defended his PhD proposal (Architecture-Aware Graph (Re)Partitioning). #students

May 25, 2016:
I am the Sponsorship Chair of IEEE ICDE 2017, to be held in San Diego, California, April 19-22, 2017. #service

May 19, 2016:
I am on the Program Committee of HDMS 2016 -- due date May 30, 2016. #service

May 12, 2016:
Elected to the Computer Usage Committee of the University Senate (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2019) [University Times]. #service

Apr 20, 2016:
New paper: PolyStream: Cryptographically Enforced Access Controls for Outsourced Data Stream Processing by Cory Thoma, Adam J. Lee, and Alexandros Labrinidis. Published in the 21st ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT), Shanghai, China, June 6-8, 2016. #papers

Apr 8, 2016:
PHDs_supervised++;    Thao Pham successfully defended her PhD dissertation (Exploiting the synergy between scheduling and load shedding to facilitate differentiated levels of service for continuous queries). #students

Apr 4, 2016:
List and schedule of ACM SIGMOD 2016 tutorials is posted. #service

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